About Me

I am a multidisciplinary teaching artist and facilitator who works primarily in painting and photography. I believe art allows us the possibility of better understanding our inner worlds, and reclaiming the parts of ourselves that oppressive structures have told us to be ashamed of. As a teaching artist, I deeply value what can be co-created through art and what we can learn from each other in a creative environment. The opportunity to share art with young people is one I value very deeply. 

I lead art workshops that focus on non-traditional self portraiture, and offer a gentler lens through which we can understand our emotional worlds and self-connection. Healing our relationship to ourselves is such a foundational part of creating a different world; including ourselves in our visions of liberation is urgent.  

My artistic practice and love for my community are deeply intertwined forces that absolutely must exist together; my own healing has required shifting my understanding of art as an isolated project to something that demands mutual presence in community.

My work asks what queer intimacy looks like with ourselves and with each other, and what moments and glimpses of tenderness we can allow ourselves. My integration into community through art has taken many shapes over the years, culminating most significantly in my "Coming Home" project, which aims to disrupt hegemonic representation of survivors, and in organizing a "Queer Art Collective," which aimed to create spaces for queer folks to build community.

I am based in Somerville, MA.


Nathan & Sheena

“Our photos are so special. For the first time in almost ten years, I feel like we have photos that actually look like us. Sarah did a beautiful job.”

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